Frequently Asked Questions

This page describes commonly asked questions. If you have more specific questions, please use the CPS bulletin board, as the board would be an excellent place for many people to find the information.

Q: How do I get into the membership area to register my litters and transfer my pigs?

A: First you need to create a login account. Click on the Member Area link at the top of any of the site pages. Once on the Member's Login page, you will see a link at the bottom that says, "Signup for a login." Clicking on that like will lead you to a form for your contact information. This information is used to validate your account request. Please do not use nicknames or fake emails. The email supplied on the form will be validated and an account will not be created unless the email account is legitimate. Please make sure you enter the Primary Owner number. The Primary Owner number is your breeder number that can be found on your paper registrations or is the breeder number you enter on the registration forms that you have send to the CPS Office in the past. If you have more than one account and want to work with pigs from those accounts, please add those account numbers under the Additional Owners area. Make sure you select the breed that is attached to those Owner numbers.

Q: Will I immediately be able to access the Members Area?

A: Access to the Members Area will have to be verified and granted to you. This is not immediate but your access will be granted as quickly as possible. Granting access will be done during normal CPS business hours. So, if you are submitting a request at 2:00 AM, you will be granted your access after the office opens and a member of CPS's staff approves your online application.

Q: What can you do after logging into the member area?

A: You will have access to any pigs that you have ownership under the Owner numbers that apply to your login.
You will be able to add text, pictures and YouTube® video links to any of those pigs.

  • Can register litters for pigs from which you have ownership.
  • Can issue AI Certificates.
  • Can use AI certificates on your litter registration.
  • Can transfer pigs that are from litters that are still in your shopping cart or that are pending registration.
  • Can add your web address and email to your account profiles. This will allow's website visitors to access your site or send you emails when they view your URL link on the pedigrees or the member search area.
  • Can setup an active herd of pigs to allow rapid and easy access while in the members area.
  • Can add Tag numbers or Comments to the active pigs to make them easier to find.

Q: Can my email address be easily found and harvested by email Spammers?

A: No, the email address is scrabbled in the text of the page and the Spammers cannot harvest the addresses from's website.

Q: How do I register a litter?

A: After you gain access to the Members Area, a Register Litter link is available at the top left side of the page. Simply fill out the sow's registration number that you own and you will be able to continue with the rest of the registration form, which holds the same information that your paper forms require.

Q: How can I register multiple litters at the same time?

A: If you have the sows for which you are going to register litters set as an "Active" sow, you may select all the sows you wish to register at that time.

Q: What is the Shopping Cart?

A: The shopping cart holds all the litters and transfers that you have staged to be sent to the CPS office. Your registration and transfer process is not complete until you check out the Shopping Cart.

Q: How do I pay for my registration and transfers?

A: When you check out the shopping cart, a credit card will be requested. You will not be able to complete the check process without using a valid credit card. The check out process is and your card will be billed after you submit your credit card information.

Q: Can I transfer pigs online after I have received the paper Certificates of Registry?

A: No, if you have received the paper registration document, you will need to return it to the office to transfer those pigs to their new owners.

Q: What credit cards do you take?

A: American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa.

Q: How do I set my sows to "Active" and what does "Active" mean?

A: Active means that the sows are readily available to you in the Member Area. It does not mean anything more than that. It is simply a method to give you quick and easy access to the parent pigs that you have in your herd. To set any of the pigs that you have ownership in, click on the "Activate/Deactivate your pigs" link at the bottom of the Member's page. This will lead you to a list of your pigs that you currently have active as well as default listing the pigs that you own for the last 3 years. You can filter this list down with the filters at the top of the list. Find the pigs that you want to activate and put a check mark in the box next to the pig's registration #. If you wish to deactivate a previously active pig, remove the check mark. After you check or uncheck the needed pigs, click on the Activate/Deactivate button at the bottom of the page.

Q: Why are my sows not in the list of pigs I own?

A: If you own a sow with another person, it is likely that the sow is registered in a different Owner or Breeder number that does not belong to the your login account yet.

Q: How do I request more Breeder or Owner accounts so to access their pigs under my CPS online login account?

A: Under the login's account's "Profile", you may request another owner number. This request has to be reviewed and granted by the CPS office. As soon as your login account is granted access to the requested Breeder's number, you will receive an email and pigs belonging to that account will then be accessible to your Member Area.

Q: How do I issue AI certificates?

A: In the Member Area, click on the Assign Certificate link. If you have your Boars set as active, you can click on your Boars name and a form will be displayed that will allow you to fill out the needed information to complete the AI certificate. It is imperative that you fill out the owner number or the Herdmark of the owner of the sow being recorded. If you do not know the Owner number or the Herdmark, use the search feature on that page to select the breeder that is requesting an AI certificate. After you enter either a Herdmark, registration number or select the breeder, the breeder's name will be displayed next to the Herdmark/Owner # box. Please confirm the owner number/Herdmark with the breeder requesting the certificate because this certificate can only be use by this account owner.

Q: What if I make a mistake and issue an AI certificate to the wrong person?

A: You can review the AI certificates that you have issued as long as the certificates have not been consumed through the litter registration process. You can remove the certificates by clicking on the "Review Certificate" link and removing the unneeded certificate.

Q: I have multiple CPS breeds. How can I see all the breeds for which I requested login privileges?

A: If you have more than one breed, you will have a link at the top of the Members Area where you can access your Chester Area, Poland Area or the Spot Area.

Q: Why when I login do I see pigs activated that I have not activated before?

A: If you own a pig in partnership with someone else who also has an online login, they may have activated the pig for their use. Therefore, when the pig is activated, he will show up in your list of active pigs as well.

Q: If I own a boar in partnership with a boar stud, will I be required to obtain an AI certificate in order to register the pigs sire by my boar?

A: The rules have not changed as to who has rights to register pigs out of your boars. If you own the boar and he is owned under one of the breeder (owner) numbers that you have access to on the' Member Area, then you can register your pigs without using an AI certificate.

Q: I have tried to enter comments on my pigs using the edit link next to the pigs in my member area but the comments are chopped off when I update the pedigree. Why?

A: You are allowed 250 characters in the comments or description box on the pedigree. If you exceed the 250 characters, we will simply only save the first 250 characters. The remaining characters will not be saved with the pedigree.

Q: Can I load up any size picture?

A: Yes but we will automatically reduce the photo to a web friendly size.

Q: If I need help using YouTube®, will CPS office help me?

A: No. YouTube® has excellent resources on their website. Please utilize their resources and let the CPS office do their jobs in their office.

Q: What is the link information needed to use the YouTube® video on my pedigree?

A: After you upload your video, there is an"Embed" text that is available from your video. This "Embed" text starts with the words/text of: "<object width=" and ends with the words/text of "</embed></object>". Copy this entire text into the edited pedigree's YouTube® Video box. After you save the pedigree edits, the pedigree will display tabs for the photos and/or the video.

Q: How many pictures can I upload to the pedigree?

A: Your associations have agreed to provide space of two photos, which can be attached to the pedigree.

Q: How do I search for a list of pigs from a breeder?

A: In the pig search box, enter the breeder's last name or Herdmark to see all the pigs owned by people with that name or with that Herdmark.

Q: How do I narrow the search down to see an exact pig?

A: Enter the pigs exact name or its registration number and it will be narrowed to that exact pig.

Q: How do I find pigs farrowed in a specific year for a specific breeder?

A: Use the Herdmark Year notation. Example: Search the Polands using RRG8 and you will see all the pigs with this Herdmark with a year ending in 8.

Q: I don't know the breeder's Herdmark. How can I find a breeder's Herdmark?

A:'s Member Directory is a listing of all owners with their Herdmark. The Member Directory also displays the breeder's phone number, web address and email address.

Q: How do I navigate from one Breed to the next?

A: At the top of each page, you will find the link to any of the breeds.